Xi'an basket net center holds fire safety knowledge training

May 12th this year is the Twelfth National Disaster Prevention and reduction day in China, in order to further strengthen the awareness of fire safety of cadres and workers, grasp the knowledge of fire safety, promote the work of building safety, and build a "firewall" for fire safety. In May 12th, the city basket net center held the training of fire safety knowledge about "fighting epidemic prevention, protecting fire and ensuring safety". The training was conducted by Wang Yu, director of Xi'an San an fire protection technology center. All cadres and workers of the city basket net center participated in the training.

At the training meeting, director Wang Yu focused on how to do a good job in fire safety work of the unit, citing a large number of data, pictures, video data and typical fire cases in recent years in Xi'an and even throughout the country, and comprehensively expounded the importance of fire safety from the aspects of the concept of fire, identification of fire, initial disposal of fire and how to organize and guide evacuation in case of fire. Combined with daily work and life, the use of fire extinguishers, gas and smoke mask, fire blanket, smoke sensor, emergency universal treasure and other fire fighting tools were popularized. The knowledge of household electricity safety and gas safety was vividly introduced. In the training, shocking pictures and figures have shocked the minds of all the trainees, and deeply realized the importance of "fire is fiercer than tiger, safety awareness is indispensable" and prevention is not yet in the bud. We all agreed that this training not only popularized the knowledge of disasters and accidents, but also enhanced the ability to prevent and deal with basic skills. It also served as a warning bell for all personnel and enhanced awareness of disasters.

After the meeting, Zhang Xuefeng, director of the city basket net center, pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the risk management ability and stick to the safety red line. It will guard against the shift of the juncture and take precautions against the dangers. We should tighten up the string of fire safety, establish and perfect the fire prevention plan, clarify the responsibility of fire safety, and effectively eliminate the hidden danger of fire. All cadres and workers should take the initiative to prevent and defuse the safety around them. To realize the situation of safety management of group policy, group defense and group management.