Ma Rui, director of the Xi'an Sports Bureau, conducted an investigation on the construction of the fourteen sports venues at the provincial level.

In May 12th, the director of the Xi'an Sports Bureau Ma Rui, accompanied by Dong Di, a two level investigator at the Provincial Sports Bureau, studied the construction of the fourteen sports venues, Shaanxi sports training center, Shaanxi Olympic Sports Center, sports command and news media center respectively. Ma Rui director and his delegation reviewed the progress of the stadium construction, and held talks with the Provincial Sports Bureau, the provincial sports training center and the provincial Olympic Sports Center. Through discussion and on-the-spot investigation, the Provincial Sports Bureau and several construction units put forward the problems that need to be solved by the subway construction, such as the construction of the sinking square of the Olympic Sports Center, the construction of the tunnel under the eight way of science and technology, the construction of the commanding center and the construction of the news media center, the transfer of the red line, the change of the command center area, the installation of the precision equipment and the decoration of the public welfare. We discussed the related issues.

Ma Rui director said that for the construction of the fourteen sports venues at the provincial level, the Municipal Sports Bureau will promptly collect and sort out problems, seriously analyze and judge, and according to the division of responsibilities, actively coordinate and coordinate with relevant municipal departments, districts and counties, and construction units to hold coordination meetings, face to face research and solve problems, speed up the construction progress of the venues, and complete the construction tasks for the fourteen level venues at the provincial level according to the plan. Good service guarantee.