Xi'an Sports Bureau convenes the construction of the fourteen level gymnasium at the city level to promote the meeting.

According to the city's "ten key work" scheduling briefing, combined with the monthly assessment of the construction of the Command Office of the fourteen traffic operation, in order to better grasp the progress of the construction of the stadium and ensure that the construction of the stadium is completed on schedule, the Xi'an Sports Bureau has held the fourteen level stadium construction promotion conference at the city level, and Xu Gang, deputy director of the Xi'an Sports Bureau, the industrial field. Liu Gang, director of the office of the Yanliang Municipal Bureau of sports, bureau of public affairs of the open district and the Bureau of social affairs of the international port area, attended the meeting at the municipal level fourteen sports venues.

The conference conveyed the main spirit of the ten key work scheduling meetings in the city, and gave a briefing on the construction of the previous venues. The conference discussed and discussed the related issues in the construction of the previous venues, and arranged the layout for the next stage. Xu Gang, deputy director general, stressed that we should fully recognize the seriousness and urgency of the city's assessment of the fourteen operation and strictly supervise the construction of the project according to the time node, and strive to promote the project construction. We should strengthen communication, coordination and reporting, and establish a monthly scheduling meeting system for the construction of the National Games venue. From May, the Municipal Sports Bureau will convene a construction schedule for the National Games in the middle of each month. The meeting will announce the progress of the project, study and solve related problems, and ensure the completion of the venue construction on schedule.