Xi'an Sports Bureau held the overall financial work in 2020 and implemented the results of the fourteen funds audit and urged the promotion meeting.

Recently, the Municipal Sports Bureau organized the overall financial work in 2020 and implemented the results of the fourteen capital audit and supervision. The meeting was chaired by Shao Fang, deputy director of the Municipal Sports Bureau. The leaders and accountants in charge of the financial affairs department of the sports economic department and the directly affiliated units participated in the meeting. The meeting conveyed the notice of the fourteen Executive Committee on the implementation of the supervision and promotion work of the fourteen transport fund audit and rectification results, summarized the final accounts in 2019 and the budget work in 2020, arranged and arranged the annual expenditure schedule of the Municipal Sports Bureau system.

The meeting stressed: first, attach great importance to consolidating the effectiveness of audit rectification. In accordance with the instructions issued by the fourteen Executive Committee, and comparing the "seven problems" raised by the audit, combined with the results of the rectification, we draw inferences about the situation, and conduct a comprehensive self-examination of the fund management situation of the unit. Two is to enhance learning and improve financial literacy. The financial personnel of various units, especially the main comrades in charge of the units, should strengthen the study of financial laws and regulations, standardize the expenditure behavior, and ensure that the overall financial management work is carried out safely and orderly. Three is to improve the system and strengthen internal control management. Based on the results of the fourteen capital audit, the units should sum up their experience and improve the internal control system of the unit so as to promote the institutionalization and standardization of the overall financial management.