Xi'an Sports Bureau and Lantian county government held the meeting of Yushan town Yang Zhai village to tackle poverty.

2020 is the year of the decisive battle for the fight against poverty. In order to conscientiously implement the spirit of the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping on poverty alleviation, to ensure the successful completion of the task of helping the poor villages, recently, the Xi'an Sports Bureau and the Lantian County Government jointly held a meeting to relieve the poor in the village of Yang village, Lantian Town, Yushan town. The deep-seated problems of poor work. City Sports Bureau party secretary and director Ma Rui, Lantian county Party committee deputy secretary, county magistrate Ren Tao, city sports bureau Party members, deputy director Xu Gang and Lantian county government related departments, Municipal Sports Bureau related departments, Yushan town Party committee government, Yang Zhai village two committees responsible comrades attended the meeting.

The conference discussed and discussed seven specific problems in three aspects: "collective industry development, infrastructure construction, and poverty relief from poverty", and put forward the train of thought and specific measures to solve the problem. Ren Tao county leader, as the leader of the village in the village of Yang Zhai village, has made clear demands on helping the village from the following three aspects: "outstanding outstanding households, consolidating the achievements, building a model village for tackling poverty", "sticking to the problem oriented approach, drawing inferences from others, creating a model village for Rural Revitalization", "focusing on the characteristics of health care homes, and building a model village for the whole country".

The meeting pointed out that strengthening management and technology upgrading is the key to the development of the industry. The two committees should make great efforts to implement these two links. The meeting called for the transformation of ideas in the development of infrastructure and industry. We should change our thinking, set out specific measures from the locals' actual conditions, and make efforts to implement the rectification measures. We must carefully investigate and sort out all the archiving card holders, and gather poverty to withdraw from the "Village seven" and "five households" as the initiative to win the decisive battle. The meeting also clarified the time limit for rectification of relevant issues and the specific responsibility departments.