Xi'an sports bureau holds the fourteen Anti Doping training seminar

In order to prepare for the fourteen campaign to prepare for the Anti Doping campaign, according to the requirements of the municipal command of the fourteen movement, the Municipal Sports Bureau held a fourteen year Anti Doping training seminar. The training session invited Wang Ping, a state level physical education lecturer, to train the more than 30 coaches of the related project training units in our city. In the lecture, Wang Ping lecturer analyzed the doping violations in detail with many typical cases of violation, so that the trainees understood the relevant provisions of Anti Doping work, enhanced their self-protection consciousness, and established the concept of never touching red lines and preventing violations. This training aims to raise the awareness of relevant personnel on the importance of Anti Doping work through Anti Doping lectures. In the future, the Municipal Sports Bureau will also carry out more training for athletes, coaches and auxiliary staff in batches and precision, and fully implement the Anti Doping propaganda and education task of "Fourteen covers", "full coverage, full cycle, institutionalization and normalization".