Xi'an shooting and archery management center held a special lecture on "eliminating hidden dangers and building a safety line".

In order to firmly establish the concept of safety development, further strengthen publicity and education in safety production, enhance workers' awareness of safety training, enhance the safety and quality of workers, effectively prevent and resolutely put an end to major accidents, according to the deployment of Xi'an's "safe production month" and "safe production line of thousands of miles" activities in June 10, 2020, Xi'an shooting and archery management center organization will be organized in the morning of June 10, 2020. The center staff and the umbrella tower bicycle market, the comprehensive training and fitness center and the Xi'an Olympic sports safety head of the central area under the jurisdiction of the center have concentrated on the fire safety training with the theme of "eliminating hidden dangers and building a safety line".

The lecture lecturer, combined with the reality of the central training work, gave a solemn and lively lecture on fire safety knowledge for the participants through examples, interaction and on-site operation. After the lecture, the center leaders deployed the fire safety work in the near future, and urged all the staff to set up the ideology of "safety and no small matter", to further strengthen the ability to check and rectify the fire hazards, to extinguishing the ability of initial fire, to organize and guide people to evacuate the ability of escape and fire safety, and to adhere to the "life first, safety first". The principle is closely related to the characteristics of unit fire, regular inspections, inspections at any time, timely rectification, and effective implementation of safety work.