2020 Xi'an sports work conference held

On the morning of April 10th, Xi'an held the 2020 sports work conference. The conference summarized the completion of sports work in 2019 and arranged the sports work in 2020. In 2019, the sports work in our city worked hard and developed in an all-round way. It closely focused on the goal of "accelerating the development of the National Central City" and promoted our sports career to a new starting point and a new journey. 2020 is the year of building a well-off society in an all-round way and ending the 13th Five-Year plan. It is also the most crucial year for the fourteen games. This year, the sports system of the city will adhere to the preparatory work of the Fourteenth National Games and focus on the implementation of the tasks of the ten key tasks. We should do a good job in preparing for training for the whole campaign, carry out mass sports activities, accelerate the construction of sports facilities and facilities, promote the development of sports industry, promote the construction of "famous sports city and healthy Xi'an", and strive to create a new sports city. The situation will make new contributions to speeding up the construction of the National Central City in our city.

In 2020, the sports system of the city will focus on seven aspects: first, thoroughly implement the deployment requirements of the central, provincial and municipal governments on sports work, further strengthen the organization and leadership of sports work; two, promote the fourteen sports meeting preparatory task, and promote the overall improvement of the public sports facilities; three, consolidate the foundation for the construction of famous cities in international competitions, and boost the text. The four is to promote the preparation of the National Games preparation training and reserve personnel training system, and continuously enhance the overall strength of competitive sports. Five, we should strive to expand the whole transportation and benefit the people and enhance the level of sports public service; six, we should actively promote the construction of the "comprehensive promotion project for the whole Yuncheng civilization", enrich and display the spiritual connotation of the city; and seven, grasp the overall and strict rule of the party. Relax and provide ideological and organizational guarantee for the fourteen games and Xi'an sports catch up.

All the cadres of the Municipal Sports Bureau, the heads of sports departments and sports divisions of various districts and counties, the sports departments of the development zones, and the members of the units directly under the Municipal Sports Bureau and the journalists of the news media attended more than one hundred people.