Xi'an Boxing Association's "love fist" public welfare activities were held successfully.

Recently, the Xi'an Boxing Association has launched a large-scale public welfare campaign to fight for love. At present, nearly 100 medical workers and community volunteers in Xi'an have been free to experience boxing Charms including boxing and kicking boxing in the fitness clubs such as the Qin Shi boxing club and Ai De sports training center. This public welfare activity, which is full of love and social responsibility, has received wide attention and praise from the vast numbers of medical workers and community volunteers in the city.

In the days of fighting with the new crown epidemic, medical workers and volunteers in the city have dedicated their precious time and energy to making great contributions to safeguarding the people's safety and maintaining social stability. In order to thank them for their hard work, the ancient city's boxing sports workers and boxing practitioners opened their doors for boxing training venues, providing free boxing skills training, hoping that they could improve their immunity through physical exercise, enjoy the beautiful feeling brought by sports, and devote themselves to work with more enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

In the past month, nearly 100 health care workers and community volunteers have been free to fight boxing, kicking and boxing. Xia Peng and Meng Lei, two professor of oncology surgery, First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiao Tong University, and Xu Xin, chief physician of trauma department of orthopedics, Xi'an Honghui hospital, have benefited from the activities of the city's Boxing Association. Professor Xia Peng said: "the pressure of work in recent months is indeed not small. By learning boxing, we feel that energy is doubled and the ability to resist stress is enhanced. It's really nice to have more sweat and fist. I hope more of my colleagues will be able to experience and participate. "