The official public number of the national community games is officially launched.

In response to the call of the State Council and the State General Administration of sports, we should vigorously promote the in-depth development of sports events and provide "convenient home games" for every family. At the same time, we should use the Internet technology and intelligent fitness and sports facilities to publicize the concept of scientific fitness, and constantly promote the establishment and improvement of community physical education facilities and service system. Initiating and hosting the "National Community Games" aims at creating a "sports characteristic community", advocating the idea of "letting sports become a family tradition" in the family, and promoting the nationwide residents to participate in colorful sports activities at home, enriching the original community activities and improving the life satisfaction of residents.

The "National Community Games" will guide residents to take part in physical exercises, enhance their physical fitness, enrich their original community activities and improve their life satisfaction through a new mode of tournament operation. Through activities, we can narrow the neighborhood relationship, promote harmonious living among residents, provide customized services for community managers, and set up a model of regional communities. At the same time, the "National Community Games" will fully integrate local characteristics, give full play to the role of windows, promote local tourism, food, culture, health and other development.

The "National Community Games" is launched throughout the country. The main activities of the National Community Sports Center, such as street activity centers, sports venues, business circles, parks, communities, schools, enterprise parks and farmers' sports fitness projects, are mainly organized by the grassroots sports federation, the Dan Xiangyun Movement Association, the Peasant Sports Association, the elderly Sports Association and the clubs. We should make use of the advantages of "Internet +", integrate online and offline, and cover all provinces and cities throughout the country.

The project rules of the national community games are set on the principle of comprehensibility, credibility and universality. The setting up of the sports meet is mainly based on the community centered activities, which are easy to carry out in the community. It encourages all localities to set up sports events with local characteristics and local people's favorite sports. The national community games have set up a variety of sports events in combination with reality.

The 1. routine sports section: promote the concept of national fitness program and improve the national physique and health level.

2. science and technology competition plate: to show the new way of "sports + technology", to integrate technology and life better, to increase sports enjoyment and to display cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements.

3., the interesting sports section: combining interest with traditional sports, and closer to modern people's living habits. Project threshold is low, even if participants usually exercise less, can also quickly join.