In 2020, a training ceremony was held for cadres and workers in workshops and three class social sports instructors.

In May 11, 2020, organized by the Xi'an Sports Bureau, the opening ceremony of the training of cadres and workers and the three class social sports instructors in Xi'an District, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the general labor union of the Yi District and the culture and Tourism Sports Bureau of the District of Xi'an, were held in Wen Yu District, Shao Fang, deputy director of the Municipal Sports Bureau, and director of the Xi'an Sports Bureau Group. Wang Yuting, deputy director of the District People's Congress, Liu Zhouquan, executive vice chairman of the general trade union, Liao Longtao, Vice Minister of Propaganda Department of the district propaganda department, Wu Ningchao, deputy director of the Bureau of regional tourism, and Zhan Yanbin, deputy director of the district office, attended the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony was delivered by Wu Ningchao, director of culture and Tourism Bureau of the district office, and Mo Xiane, director of the physical education section of Wen Yue Bureau, read out the training system for all the trainees. Shao Fang, deputy director of the Municipal Sports Bureau, announced the start of the training activities. After the opening ceremony, the three representative teams of the Zhao Bao Taijiquan Association, the Wen Yu Bureau gymnastics team of the Yi Yi District and the Chongyang boxing Research Association of the Yi Yi District demonstrated the training contents.