Xi'an municipal government cadres and workers workshops training courses successfully held

In May 19th, sponsored by the Xi'an Sports Bureau and the Xi'an municipal government working committee, the general sports department of the China sports newspaper general office was guided by the China Sports Federation (Beijing) Investment Limited. The sixth stage training course for Xi'an cadres and workers in the city sports park was held in Xi'an City Sports Park.

In recent years, the Xi'an Sports Bureau has seized the important historical opportunity for hosting the fourteen games. Conscientiously implemented the seven ministries and commissions of the State Sports General Administration and other seven ministries and commissions' notice on popularizing and popularizing radio gymnastics, and thoroughly implemented the notice of the Xi'an municipal Party committee and the municipal government general office on Further Strengthening the work of ensuring the health service for cadres of the organs and cadres, and concerned about the "ten measures" of caring cadres. In order to create an organ atmosphere for "national fitness to welcome the whole movement", the joint organs and workshops, education, health, trade unions, League committees and radio and television departments issued the "three year plan of action for radio gymnastics promotion in Xi'an". Every year, they organized "workroom training classes" and "scientific fitness workshops" with the municipal government's work committee, combined with the National Fitness Day and the Xi'an National Fitness Conference. Activities, actively promote and popularize broadcast gymnastics, and implement workshops fitness system. Since the resumption of workday exercise system in Xi'an municipal government in July 2016, the Municipal Sports Bureau has combined with the needs of the cadres and workers to meet the needs of the cadres and workers, and has organized workshops for workshops for many times. While promoting and strengthening ninth sets of radio gymnastics, we have carried out twenty-four types of Taijiquan, fitness Qigong Yi Jin Jing, eight Duan Jin and five animal show, and further enriched the work. The content of inter operation activities is to promote the normalization and institutionalization of individual workday activities.

The training course lasted for 3 days, and professional coaches and excellent social sports instructors were invited. The training of ninth sets of radio gymnastics and fitness Qigong eight section Jin were promoted for 150 types of sports talents from more than 80 units in the municipal government. The training materials and training guidelines for civil servants and fitness for employees were also issued. Body exercise and other teaching materials. After training, the backbone of these styles will undertake the task of popularizing workday exercises in our unit.