The rubber track of the main stadium of Xi'an Olympic Sports Center has been laid.

Recently, the main stadium of Xi'an Olympic Sports Center officially launched the pavement work of precast rubber runway. Under the guidance of Luigi Ferella, a professional technician from Italy, more than 30 professional workers began to work on tight pavement. It is expected that 20 days or so will be completed successfully.

The Xi'an Olympic Sports Center is the main venue of the Fourteenth National Games. The main stadium bears the important tasks of opening ceremonies and track and field competitions. It selects Italy Mondo company, the world's leading rubber track producer, as the runway supplier. The precast rubber coiled material produced by Mondo has good quality, good durability and environmental protection. It has been a runway supplier for twelve consecutive Olympic Games, and has also provided runway production and installation services for the last Thirteenth National Games. The Mondo runway laid in the Xi'an Olympic Sports Center is the first application in the Midwest large stadium. In order to ensure the pavement effect, Mondo company has sent Italy technicians Luigi Ferella and Frigimelica with rich pavement experience. Danilo came to Xi'an to guide and supervise the construction, guide the pavement work with the quality standards of the Olympic Games and World Championships, and escort the class certification of the IAAF successfully. The runway was completed in Italy in late 2, and was transported to Xi'an from Europe by 4 batches in Changan in 12000 batches. The transport age was 15 days, which saved nearly one month from the traditional shipping. It ensured the completion of the Xi'an Olympic Center Project on schedule.

At present, the Xi'an Olympic Sports Center has entered the finishing stage of the project. The internal hardware facilities, small outdoor municipal facilities and large tree planting have been completed. Electromechanical debugging and fine decoration work is being carried out. The plan is scheduled to be completed on schedule in June 30th. The start of the laying of the runway marks the final stage of the Xi'an Olympic Sports Center Stadium.