Shaanxi Wushu sword fourteen sports meeting

The Fourteenth National Games will be held in Shaanxi in 2021. As an advantageous item of Shaanxi sports, Wushu athletes are shouldering the important task of fighting for gold and silver for the three Qin and old people. As a host and a strong champion, the Shaanxi wushu team hopes to create brilliance at the National Games held at home.

In the twelfth and Thirteenth National Games, the famous men Zhang Kun, Wu Yanan and Xu Jiaheng won the 75 kilograms of men's Wushu Sanda, men's Taijiquan Taijiquan, and 90 kilograms of men's Wushu Sanda. They won the gold medal record for Shaanxi Wushu in the two consecutive national games. Facing the upcoming fourteen games, the goal of Shaanxi Wushu remains gold medal.

In order to prepare for the fourteen games, the provincial Wushu management center has adopted a careful and meticulous training plan to make full use of logistic support for key team teams and key athletes. In the past Wushu routine events, Shaanxi Taijiquan and sword had certain advantages, for example, Wu Yanan had won the National Games Taijiquan and sword all-around gold medal. Now, Wu Yanan has taken up the position of coach and trained talents for Taijiquan in Shaanxi martial arts. Yang Shunhong is the best among them. Yang Shunhong, born in 1990, came from Mei County, Baoji. At the age of 12, he entered the provincial team to specialize in Taijiquan. For Yang Shunhong, the fourteen games is a rare opportunity. He has won the world championships, Asian Championships and national championships and championships. The fourteen games will be held at home. Now his biggest dream is to get on the podium of the fourteen games.

In addition to Tai Chi, Shaanxi Wushu still hopes to bloom more on knives and sticks. In the National Wushu Championship Competition held in September last year, Liu Xin, the youngster, won two gold medals of women's knife and stick. Wushu is divided into routine and Sanda. Shaanxi Sanda is famous in the whole country. The training place of the National Wushu Sanda leader team is also located in Xi'an. At present, Shaanxi Sanda has Xu Jiaheng, Zhang Kun and other world champions and national champions, and the strength is very strong.

Zhang Kun, who was born in 1993, made a big hit in the National Wushu Sanda Championships in 2012. At that time, he eliminated the famous champion and opened the seal to enter the four strong teams. After many competitions, Zhang Kun grew up very fast. In 2013, the Twelfth National Games got the men's 75 kilogram class champion, and the Thirteenth National Games won the silver medal. In the face of the fourteen games, Zhang Kun, the nickname "black cyclone", is full of confidence. In 2017, the Thirteenth National Games increased the number of people's competition events. The national sports "grass roots" stars have demonstrated their stage. Feng Yan, now 59 years old, has participated in Taijiquan competitions both at home and abroad. On behalf of Shaanxi province in 2017, she took part in the National Games and the mass Taijiquan open competition. At the top of the game, she made the best interpretation of the unique charm of Taijiquan's hardness and softness, and finally won the gold medal for the Shaanxi delegation.

At present, the sub item of the fourteen sports meet has not been formally determined, but Taijiquan, which is popular among the masses, is expected to continue to enter the National Games. Feng Yan is only a representative of the overall level of Shaanxi's Taijiquan. As a major province of martial arts, Shaanxi Wushu has a good foundation and high level in the mass Taiji, plus the advantage of the fourteen games in Shaanxi.