Gymnastics in Shaanxi: team formation, attack and preparation for the whole campaign

3 years ago, on the stage of the National Games in Tianjin, Wu, who was 23 years old, overcame injuries and won the bronze medal of gymnastics men's rings. People were impressed by his perseverance and courage. At the same time, it was inevitable that the development of Shaanxi's competitive gymnastics would be left with "sighing alone but not spring". 3 years later, in the face of the opportunities and challenges of the fourteen movement, the number of athletes in Shaanxi from the top level to the size of the team, the modernization of management and the use of big data and advanced training equipment and equipment have been upgraded comprehensively. With the relevant leaders of the provincial gymnastics management center, the saying is: "Fourteen preparations for war are major events. "Group strike", let the whole team's energy burst out, and use the optimized management mode, strive to build a scientific and effective training guarantee mechanism, and give full play to the new way of the advantage of compound guarantee team to strive for success.

"Three swordsmen" charge in front of the main beam.

From the Tianjin National Games to today, Wu Guanhua, who began to climb in the gym at the age of 5, has become a veteran soldier in the gymnastics arena. When he entered the provincial team with his teammates, he retired. He said, "I am eager to win a gold medal in the fourteen games in my hometown". Despite the extension of the aggravation and recovery period, although Wu won the championship in the 2018 World Cup match, Wu Guan Hua's training and competition last year were all affected by injuries. "In order to help Wu Guanhua better prepare for the fourteen movement, we will also adjust his preparations for the rehabilitation of injuries and enhance the difficulty of the focus, at present, he trained in the national team all normal, difficult development in an orderly manner, injuries remain in the controllable range, psychological stability has also been maintained." Provincial gymnastics management center leader introduced.

In addition to maintaining a good training condition, Wu Guanhua, who is a big brother, is pleased that the center has organized the team of Shaanxi gymnastics men's events to prepare for the fourteen movement through the outside world, while two of its two little brothers Yan Xiyao and Dai Zhixiong have grown up. Yan Xiyao is going to strive for a single breakthrough in the horse vaulting project. On the condition of setting up the all youth youth group competition, the young player Dai Zhi Xiong is also expected to fly high through the whole athletic field. All of these prove that after the twelve talented athletes were disqualified, the gymnastics and the struggle of nearly two full cycle cycles in Shaanxi gymnastics have gone out of the trough and switched from the "single entry" mode to the "team campaign" mode. Style, we must strive to win in the fourteen games.

Yan Xiyao is the most capable gymnast of Shaanxi gymnastics team after Wu Guan Hua. His strong point is vaulting horse. At present, his horse vaulting has been in high difficulty level in China and has been tested in the field. At present, the coach team is working together with Xiao Yan to determine the breakthrough points of second difficult movements to enhance the overall strength of the fourteen preparations.

Dai Zhixiong is more young. Through the training of the National Gymnastics youth team, Xiao Dai has steadily improved his performance in recent two years, and has become more and more stable in competitive state and technical ability. He has won the 2018 National Youth Championship horizontal bar champion and the all-around runner up. He also won the individual all-around and horizontal bar champion of the 2018 International Youth invitational tournament in Czech. If the fourteen games youth competition is set up, his individual will be his own. The two items of the Almighty and the horizontal bar have the strength to win the silver medal in the decisive battle of the youth group.

"Team strength" highlights in daily management and training.

In order to achieve good results in the fourteen movement and win the tough battle that can not be defeated, the gymnastics management center of Shaanxi province optimizes the management mode, brings the advantage of the compound guarantee team into play, and puts the slogan of "science and technology training and science training" into practice. In terms of team management, the provincial gymnastic management center has set up two support teams around key players and key team teams. One team is mainly responsible for the Shaanxi players, including Wu Guanhua and Dai Zhixiong, who are trained in the troop of national brands. Apart from the national team coaches, physical fitness teachers and team doctors, there are two technical analysts who are quite well-known in the industry. We should cooperate with each other to carry out targeted services around the training situation of athletes. Another security team also recruited high level team doctors, physical fitness technicians and technical analysts to fully support the daily training of athletes in key gymnastic teams and gymnastic teams in the province.

In order to improve the training level of athletes, the provincial gymnastics management center also introduced an advanced video feedback system to help athletes and coaches find and solve training problems in time by video shooting and timely playback. "This system is expensive, but the effect is very good. Through the installation of this system in gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics training hall, we improved the scientific training ability and training effectiveness of the key teams and players in the fourteen operational preparation cycle. Taking horse vaulting project as an example, the scientific research team, through action positioning and three-dimensional analysis, speculated that the run-up speed, take-off angle, pushing angle, altitude and turning speed of athletes needed to complete the highest difficulty were helpful for coaches and athletes to identify training problems, and then continued to track them according to training arrangements, providing strong and reliable data support for scientific training.

With the development of the times, the competition between the Olympic Games and the National Games has long been not limited to the competition arena, but the comprehensive strength of the team, scientific research and logistics support. In the coming fourteen games, the three Qin "gymnasts" who focus on "team strength" and scientific training are expected to usher in a new situation of "letting flowers bloom in full bloom in spring".