Shaanxi province football teams at all levels of physical fitness "big match" wonderful staged

In from May 22nd to 23rd, the Shaanxi provincial football management center held the Shaanxi provincial football teams' physical fitness "big scale" at the eight soccer base. According to the characteristics of the project, the physical fitness competition lasted for two days, from the strength of limbs, explosive force, endurance and so on, the athletes' physical strength reserves were fully calibrated, a total of five teams and 117 people took part in the physical fitness "big competition". The physical fitness "big competition" is to implement the requirements of the State Sports General Administration and the Shaanxi Sports Bureau on Further Strengthening the basic physical training and the short complement of the bad complement. On the other hand, it inspected the results of the whole closed training during the winter training and the epidemic situation. In addition, through the physical fitness test, the athletes' physical fitness data, using scientific and technological means, through the calculation and analysis, established the section for athletes. The physical fitness training program helps to improve the competitive level.
After two days of intense competition, the second runner up of the second Asian champion of the physical fitness competition has been released. According to the comprehensive competition data, the closed training in winter training and nearly two months has not only tempered the will quality of athletes, but also laid a foundation for monitoring and training with data science in the later stage, forming the characteristics, effective physical training methods and means that are in line with the characteristics of this project, improving athletes' body function and special skills and tactics. The physical fitness "big match" campaign has achieved remarkable results, which fully demonstrates the competitive style and team spirit of the provincial football teams at all levels. After the competition, coaches and athletes representatives indicated that physical fitness "big competition" this form, through different project comparison, can intuitively discover their own shortcomings, learn from each other and find out the gap, laying a good foundation for the Fourteenth National Games.