2020 Heng Cheng bridge network challenge Grand Prix starts

In June 13th, the 2020 Heng Cheng Qiao network challenge Grand Prix, sponsored by the China Bridge Association and Ningbo Bridge Association, was the first official online competition held by the China Bridge Association.

The competition is divided into two stages: preliminaries and challenge matches. A total of 23 teams take part in the preliminaries. The preliminaries were the 6 round competition. After the two rounds of preliminaries, Wan Jian team took the top place. The Panzhihua sunshine team and Wuhan iron four Academy team ranked two or three. The top four qualifying teams in the preliminaries will enter the challenge competition in late June. The four teams with challenge qualifications will compete with the top four winners of the 2019 national bridge A league tournament, Beijing pioneer, pioneer international and Zhejiang Qian Tang team.

This competition is an active exploration of the new mode of network bridge development, and a brave attempt to create a fair competition environment and specific implementation methods. Through the active hosting of such events, the network competition can become a more formal "formal competition" recognized by the society, and promote the long-term healthy development of bridge projects in the new situation.

As the first test water for the whole supervision network bridge competition, members of the competition team have discussed and modified it many times. This competition has also released the guidelines for operation supervision and operation, and has been actively cooperated and supported by all participating teams. It also provides reference for the following national network competitions and local network competitions. During the challenge stage, the organizers will also send referees or supervisors to conduct on-site on-site supervision.