The stadium in Xi'an Park adds different atmosphere to the fourteen sports meeting.

Recently, more and more people in Xi'an begin to exercise outside their homes. The atmosphere of the fourteen games is spreading in every corner of Xi'an.

On weekdays, the ping-pong area in Changle Park of Xi'an is like a river. Compared with professional table tennis skills, the ball game here is more like folk Kung Fu. It's exciting to shoot and kill in situ. You attacked me and started competing fiercely. All kinds of games played together, attracting people who did not exercise to come to watch, and cheers came from time to time. The athletic field in the park adds different sports atmosphere to the fourteen sports meeting. Nowadays, sports have become a way of life among the citizens of Xi'an. Especially under the background of the fourteen Games next year, they are using their own way of life to create a strong sports atmosphere for the city and for the fourteen sports meeting.