The national physique monitoring station of Shaanxi will achieve full coverage by the end of 2020.

Recently, the provincial government information office held a press conference. Yang Lianchang, deputy director of the provincial health and Health Committee, introduced the situation of healthy Shaanxi action. The two provincial inspectors of the Provincial Education Commission and the Provincial Education Department Gao Wei and the deputy director Dong Li of the provincial sports bureau attended the press conference and answered questions from reporters. The conference was chaired by Zhang Jingyi, the provincial government information office.

Recently, the implementation opinions of the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government on promoting healthy Shaanxi action were issued to protect people's health and enhance their health literacy and health level. This marks the start of the healthy Shaanxi operation.

The health literacy level of residents in our province is relatively low.

With the acceleration of industrialization, urbanization and aging of population, social environment, ecological environment, production and life style and disease spectrum of residents in our province have also been changing. At present, the level of health literacy of residents in our province is relatively low, only 12.07% in 2018. Unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, drinking, lack of exercise, unreasonable diet and so on are common. Cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes and other diseases are becoming increasingly prominent. At the same time, the new crown pneumonia epidemic warning our major infectious diseases prevention and control situation is still grim, mental health, occupational health, endemic diseases and other issues can not be ignored.

The implementation of the healthy Shaanxi action is to focus on the current major problems and key diseases that affect people's health, pay attention to prevention and control from the source, highlight health promotion and mobilization advocacy, and further enhance the health literacy and health level of the whole people.

The action of healthy Shaanxi is divided into 17 actions.

The healthy Shaanxi action is divided into 17 actions: health knowledge popularization, rational diet action, nationwide fitness campaign, smoking control, alcohol restriction action, mental health promotion action, health promotion action, Chinese medicine health promotion action, maternal and child health promotion action, youth health promotion action, occupational health protection action, geriatric health promotion action, and disability. Disease prevention health action, key chronic disease prevention and control actions, infectious disease prevention and control action, endemic disease prevention and control action, healthy cell demonstration construction action and health protection improvement action.

The 17 action designated the lead unit and coordination unit, set up a special action working group, defined the "timetable" of the task, set up 130 operational indicators and 27 assessment indicators, and standardized the implementation and assessment methods to ensure the effective promotion of the healthy Shaanxi action and the smooth realization of the total body goals.

Characteristics of healthy Shaanxi action

First, integrate health into all policies and turn "isolated island" into "thoroughfare". From the perspective of a wide range of health impact factors, we should improve the top-level design, integrate resources from all sides, strengthen department collaboration, shift from relying on health and health system to social linkage, and accelerate the formation of a more healthy production and life style, social environment, ecological environment, medical and health conditions and economic and social development mode.

Two, we should take people's health as the center and shift from paying attention to "treating diseases" to focusing on "preventive treatment of diseases". We should carry out the policy of prevention first, prevent the shift of the frontier, improve the disease prevention and control system, and make systematic and specific arrangements and suggestions for the outstanding health problems faced by the whole population and the whole life cycle. The role of Chinese medicine in health care, disease prevention and special rehabilitation should be brought into full play. We should strengthen the prevention and control of infectious diseases, improve the major epidemic prevention and control system, and improve the public health emergency management system.

The three is to highlight the co construction and sharing, from the "solo" of the government to the "chorus" of the whole people. The government is responsible for mobilizing the initiative and creativity of the whole society, so as to enable individuals to master essential health knowledge and access to health information, form a healthy lifestyle of self-discipline, and implement the concept of "everyone is the first responsible person of their own health".

Four is to highlight the characteristics of Shaanxi, from "cell health" to promote "system health". 8 types of healthy cell demonstration construction are used as carriers to achieve 17 health actions. We should identify the integration points between the horizontal network of the 8 types of healthy cell demonstration projects and the longitudinal extension of healthy Shaanxi action, give play to the organizational advantages of healthy cell demonstration construction and the professional convergence advantage of healthy Shaanxi action, and stimulate the action force of healthy Shaanxi construction.

8 measures to prevent children and adolescents from myopia

Our province has mainly adopted 8 measures to prevent children and adolescents from myopia. First, the plan for the comprehensive prevention and control of children and adolescents with myopia in Shaanxi province and the key task division plan were formulated, and the main responsibilities of all departments and governments at all levels were compacted. Two, the selection of Xi'an, Weinan, and Taibai counties as the national comprehensive prevention and control test area for children and adolescents was explored, and the experience and practice were explored. Three, upgrading lighting and lighting of school classrooms and matching them were necessary. For example, desks and chairs, blackboards and other facilities; four is to integrate scientific eye knowledge into the whole process of school education and teaching, to guide students to develop good habits of using eyes; five, to increase the burden of college students, to guide students not to blindly participate in extracurricular training; six, to guide students to standardize the use of electrical products, and strictly prohibit students from bringing electronic products such as mobile phones into the classroom; seven, to ensure that students have 1 per day. Hours of sports activities; eight is to ensure that high school students, junior high school students and primary school students sleep time is no less than 8 hours, 9 hours and 10 hours, and guide students to develop more fish, fruits, green vegetables and other good eating habits.

4 means to promote the integration of body and medicine.

In order to improve the health literacy and health level of the whole province, in recent years, the Provincial Sports Bureau has focused on four ways to promote the integration of body and medicine. First, since 2012, the Provincial Sports Bureau has been building a number of national physical fitness monitoring centers (stations) every year. By the end of 2020, the number of construction in the province will basically reach the full coverage, and initially build up the national physique monitoring system of the province, city, county and three level. The masses can monitor their physique free of charge at these sites, and master their physical quality in time. Second, in April 2019, we launched the "sports and health promotion movement", "entering the community, entering the village, entering the school, and entering the enterprise". It lasted for 191 days, and the journey was 6730 km, and 100 thousand people were sent to health services in 181 units. Through this time, we will send sports home and send service to our family to make everyone want to keep fit, keep fit and keep fit. Third, organize a training course for exercise prescription. In 2019, the Provincial Sports Bureau and the joint health and Health Committee held 7 training courses on exercise prescription, which trained 771 talents who knew both disease prevention and scientific fitness. Fourth, compiling "the 100 strokes of the National Fitness Program", illustrated and easy to understand, the mobile phone scanning two-dimensional code will be able to watch the fitness teaching video, and the masses can use the daily Road, living space, office facilities, simple equipment and other surrounding environment, can effectively exercise, and realize the fitness of life, fitness and life, and integrate scientific fitness into the people's life. Face. During the epidemic period, the knowledge and skills of home science and fitness went into thousands of households, becoming a social trend in a special period.