"I want to go to the National Football Challenge".

Recently, "I want to go to the National Football Challenge of the whole country". The 2020 Shaanxi table tennis folk ace VS active service professional team challenge was held at the pingpong Yu sports management center of Shaanxi table tennis hall. After fierce competition, the provincial team won the first prize of the competition group with the absolute superiority of 3:0, and the folk team won the two prize. This competition insists on the principle of "safety first, relaxed and joyful, streamlining and running, and professional excellence", and implements the 2016 table tennis competition rules newly approved by the Chinese Table Tennis Association. It adopts the form of group competition. Each match has two wins in three games and 11 points in each game. Each player takes 3 appearances. To ensure the fairness, impartiality and openness of the competition, Ma Ruijuan, the international referee of table tennis and vice president and Secretary General of the Xi'an Table Tennis Association, served as the referee, and the national referee Liu Xinhan served as assistant referee.

There are 3 players in the competition. They are Liu Haifeng, the champion of the "Northwest ball king" in the folk, Liu Pengyao, the young player of the amateur table tennis in the old city, and the sweet and sweet heart who never concede defeat. The team should be sent by the provincial team to Li Fan, GUI Chen Kai and Liao Hong ran 3 outstanding active members. The style of the 6 players is different, and the playing field is wonderful. Quick pull, reverse cut, spin ball, smash... During the competition, the athletes were all attentive and energetic, and the skills of receiving serve, blocking the ball and putting the ball were thoroughly displayed. One by one, a tricky angle, a beautiful arc, a plate of fierce smash, all shows their respective strength and wisdom. At the same time, Jiang Chao, director of the sports department of Xi'an evening news, chairman of the Shaanxi sports journalists association, Gao Xi Guang and Shaanxi provincial table tennis team men's team coach, commentator on the spot to explain the situation, and sharpens the table tennis team's preparations for the fourteen movement.

After the game, the provincial team GUI Chen Kai said that during the epidemic period, it would be very rare to participate in such a competition, hoping that more people would be concerned about table tennis and participate in table tennis activities. Ma Ming, deputy director of the provincial ping pong feather net center, said that the event is aimed at guiding the masses in scientific fitness and creating a strong atmosphere for the fourteen games of the whole people to know, participate in the whole nation and share the whole nation. At the same time, because of the special period of this year's epidemic, the athletes have a longer training time, and the competition is also a physical and mental adjustment for athletes.

This competition is hosted by Shaanxi Sports Bureau, Shaanxi Sports Federation and the fourteen sports meeting and the Paralympic Games Preparatory Committee, the mass sports department and the propaganda department. The Shaanxi pingpong sports network management center is co hosted by Shaanxi Jin Hai Xuan sporting goods Co., Ltd., and Shaanxi Wei win sports industry Cci Capital Ltd executes. On the same day, the total number of people watching the healthy Shaanxi network, the official platform of the Fourteenth National Games, the window of Shaanxi sports and the net red live broadcast were 2 million 945 thousand.