Warm in Xi'an sports in Sports City Sports Bureau sports volunteer service team into the community

Recently, the City Sports Bureau sports fitness volunteer service team was set up and "warm yang in XIAN" caring for empty nest elderly activities in Lianhu District Xujing famous garden community. Since the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, the elderly population has become a susceptible and susceptible group because of relatively poor immunity. In particular, the empty nesters living in the community, because of the lack of family care, daily life is greatly affected, physical health is facing great threat, is the need to care and care of key groups. In accordance with the notice issued by the Municipal Committee of the CPC on the implementation of the plan for the implementation of the volunteer service action of caring for the empty nest elderly in the city of XIAN in Xi'an, we should do a good job of caring for the empty nest elderly and make the empty nest elderly happy. The City Sports Bureau has worked out the work plan, organized social sports instructors and sports social organizations to carry out various forms of volunteer service in the community. To enhance the physical quality of the elderly and make the empty nest elderly not at home alone, and promote a strong atmosphere for the whole society to respect the elderly, love the old, respect the old and help the elderly.

During the event, the Sports Bureau of the city will make use of community fitness facilities, morning and evening exercise sites and public sports venues, give full play to the advantages of sports specialty, organize scientific fitness campaigns, fitness exercises for the elderly and all kinds of sports exhibition activities, actively organize all kinds of fitness competitions for the elderly, improve the fitness consciousness of the elderly, and promote the elderly to participate in fitness activities. "Warm yang in XIAN" cares about the empty nest elderly activities in the future, will go deep into the districts and counties of our city, and carry out at least one activity every month, normalizing the organization. With the approaching of the fourteen sports meet in 2021, the Municipal Sports Bureau will carry out various sports activities, so that ordinary people can also become the "leading role" of the National Games and become participants and beneficiaries of this event.