Shaanxi children's Sports Carnival "cloud competition" activities ended.

Shaanxi province's first children's Sports Carnival (parent child fun games) online "cloud competition" campaign ended. The event is hosted by the Provincial Sports Bureau and organized by the Municipal Sports Bureau, and operated by Shaanxi distant Media Culture Development Co., Ltd. The theme is "happy childhood, healthy Shaanxi", with the slogan "I exercise, I am healthy, I am happy, I am growing". During the online activities, there were more than 8000 families in the province shooting videos, more than 22000 online cloud punching cards, and the number of topics broadcast exceeded 200 million. More than 300 kindergartens, primary schools and institutions in the province participate in the activities.

Through the double consideration of content and points, the organizing committee finally selected 160 winning families. This activity is only the beginning of this year's children's sports activities. After the epidemic is lifted, the floor activity will be held at the provincial stadium. At that time, colorful sports activities, sports technology, children's public welfare sports and sports culture will be held.