Prevention and control of epidemic situation normalization exercise, more importantly, scientific and rational planning, avoid "retaliatory exercise".

Compared with the training of health science, "retaliatory exercise" has no rules and plans. No matching of diet and control of energy intake will naturally have no effect or even harm to health.
Under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, many sports enthusiasts have been "eager to try" or even "intensified" by the long - term fitness enthusiasts. In this regard, fitness coach Lin Yu said, we still have to "adjust mentality, healthy exercise".
Lin Yu, from Jiangsu, has been engaged in dance education and fitness training industry for 10 years. She believes that "retaliatory exercise" does not have a positive effect on physical health, and many people do not know what is "retaliatory exercise". What is "retaliatory exercise"? Lin Yu said, ignore their own situation, no planning, no scientific diet, with the disposition preferences and emotional venting, suddenly suddenly and vigorously exercise. This situation is "retaliatory exercise".
"Friends who have common sense of fitness will know that the sports we want are healthy and reasonable, rather than adopting such a way of ignoring physical consequences," said Lin Yu. A lot of "retaliatory exercise" is due to the weight gain and weight gain, and the extension of the holiday due to the epidemic. Depression, lack of exercise for a long time, anxiety caused by weight gain and the urgency of losing weight have led to "retaliatory exercise".
In order to achieve the effect of losing weight and reducing weight, Lin Yu said there are two premises: health and rationality. The effective logic of losing weight should be planned training according to the physical condition, including the warm-up before training, the form of exercise, the time of exercise, the intensity of exercise, the frequency of movement, the breathing method and the stretching after training. There are also scientific and reasonable diet plans, including the amount of calories required for physical, physical and cardiovascular functions at different stages of training, including carbohydrates, proteins, fruits and vegetables, fats, and some spices that provide trace elements such as salt. At the same time, we should have good habits and habits, including different sleeping hours, working hours, training hours and so on. Lin Yu believes that compared with the training of health science, "retaliatory exercise" has no rules and plans. No matching of diet and control of energy intake will naturally have no effect or even harm to health.
There was a news report that a woman had been paralyzed in the gym because of her high intensity training. She felt pain in her leg. She did not reduce pain after 2 days, and affected the operation and normal life. Finally, she had to go to the hospital. The results showed that creatine kinase was up to more than 60 thousand and exceeded the normal value 300 times, which was judged to be rhabdomyolysis syndrome.
Lin Yu said that for the long time "house" and the long holidays, the sluggish gas and fat accumulation must be correspondingly planned and adjusted. She suggests changing the lazy state first and changing the habit of staying up late to catch up until noon. "Change from morning to day, in the morning, to restore good eating habits. Get up, eat, exercise, work and rest. Before eating, you can calculate the calories you need daily, how much you eat and how to mix the ingredients of food. All these need a detailed plan. " Secondly, it is the planning of sports. "For example, what kind of exercise should be adopted? Aerobic or strength training? The intensity and frequency of exercise require detailed planning based on physical health, physical strength and cardiovascular function. At the same time, she also reminds us not to exercise blindly and vigorously. Weight loss or weight loss should be scientifically and rationally planned, with balanced diet, step by step, physical fitness will return to normal state, and then increase training intensity and frequency.