The "home" family also takes an hour of exercise every day in physical education class, which is two.

"Push ups on the pad, straight back, look from the side of the body into a straight line, hands on both sides of the chest, the distance is slightly wider than shoulder, pay attention to bending arm inhalation, breathing out..." Along with the sports video on the computer screen, Han Zixuan and his classmates worked hard together. In order to cope with the epidemic prevention and control work, students have not turned back to school before the physical education classes have been turned online. Most schools will arrange home quality physical training courses that do not depend on venues and equipment, and guide online interaction through online push home exercises, live broadcast, video and learning materials. Students can choose suitable home exercise methods according to their own venues and equipment.

"Online physical education is finally coming, so we can practice at home." Han Zixuan, a student at the school of energy engineering, Yulin University, Shaanxi, said: "during the epidemic period, physical exercise is very important. Don't just travel in the living room, kitchen or bedroom, but also let our body move. In addition to household fitness equipment, combined with daily living can also carry out debris movement, so that we can enhance physical fitness in a special period, reduce stress and maintain a good mood.

Guo Zitong, a student in Physical Education Institute of Yulin University in Shaanxi, said: "this holiday is very long, and all of them stay indoors and feel dizzy at home. Since the beginning of online physical education classes, they have worked together with their classmates every day, feeling that the whole person is refreshing and learning efficiency has increased a lot.

Every day when he was at home in gym class, Guo Zitong could follow everyone together and take off from the living room, kitchen and bedroom. He said: "like simple squatting, static hip bridge, rolling abdomen, opening and closing, squat and other simple and easy operation, you can achieve warm-up and fat burning, can also increase lung capacity, and magical tiptoe exercise, no dumbbell can also be trained at any time, when brushing teeth, in a daze, watching TV...... Every time you stand on tiptoe for 1 minutes and do it every day, your balance will be better. And stretching exercises, towing at home with towels, and practicing a few single hand rollover will make the new day full of vitality.

In addition to exercising online physical education, Guo Zitong also searched some video websites, downloaded several fitness exercises APP, and searched for scientific fitness methods according to his physical condition. In addition, Guo Zitong also suggested that everyone should pay attention to maintaining normal life rules, proper rest and adequate sleep. Learn and exercise more to do things you like, such as reading, playing chess, listening to music, drawing, etc., to divert attention, relieve psychological anxiety and increase the enjoyment of life.