Mountaineering during the epidemic period

With the continuous improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation in China, some people who have been living in their homes for a long time begin to walk out of their homes and go out for fitness activities. In this Spring Festival, mountaineering is one of the sports that many people are longing for because they can both exercise and enjoy the beautiful spring scenery.

However, in April, for example, the news of mountain climbing due to mountaineering is often reported by newspapers. In April 15th, two mountaineering tourists were trapped in Phoenix Valley in Beijing after losing their way, and after multi department joint rescue, they finally found trapped tourists on a hidden cliff on the mountainside. Two people were rescued after being trapped for 5 hours. Fortunately, the trapped person was only slightly injured and had no serious problems.

In April 16th, a pair of grandparents and grandchildren climbed mountains in the shogunate mountain. They were trapped in the hillside as a result of shortcut and wild road. After the help of the police and the enthusiastic crowd, everyone joined forces to move the grandparents and grandchildren safely to the safe area.

In April 19th, in Asan, Shenzhen, a tourist was also trapped in the mountain by losing his way. After 8 hours' rescue, the tourist was successfully rescued from the mountain. This is the second outdoor rescue in the region this year.

Looking at these cases, the reason why the litigants were trapped in the mountains and so on are mostly related to shortcuts and small walks. In response, Yu Xiaoyan, a researcher at the Ningxia sports science and technology center, said: "with the continuous improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation in China, some people begin to walk out of their homes and take part in outdoor fitness activities. Mountaineering as a very good aerobic exercise is attracting people's participation. However, for the public, mountaineering is good, but we must also do scientific fitness. One of the most important points is that we must go mountain climbing in a regular open mountain area. We must not go to undeveloped mountain areas or mountain roads that have not been built. Otherwise, it is very easy to be dangerous.

Yu Xiaoyan said that in the spring, rainstorms, thunderstorms, strong winds and other weather occur frequently, so we must know the local weather before participating in mountaineering. When it comes to such weather, people had better not go out to climb mountains. In such weather conditions, participation in mountaineering is not only bad for health, but also prone to sports accidents.

For people suffering from chronic diseases and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, Yu Xiaoyan said that this group of people involved in mountaineering should vary from person to person, especially those suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. She said: "people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases may experience physical discomfort after taking part in mountaineering. In severe cases, they can cause vasospasm, leading to acute myocardial infarction or angina. In addition, changes in temperature will also cause the body to contract after cold stimulation, causing blood pressure to increase, and increase the center of gravity and brain load, resulting in cerebral ischemia and anoxia. Therefore, it is not recommended that cardio cerebral vascular patients participate in mountaineering activities. People with chronic diseases such as arthritis and diabetes should consult the attending doctors before taking part in mountaineering, and participate in fitness according to their own conditions.

In addition, Yu Xiaoyan said that when climbing, you should choose a pair of suitable mountaineering shoes. The most important thing is to have a deep sole pattern, which can effectively prevent slippage, and at the same time, the upper is higher so as to protect the ankle. During the mountaineering, the distance should be controlled well. The general situation is 5 to 6 kilometers. If it is a very flat road, it can increase some distance properly, and at the same time, it should take 5 to 10 minutes every half hour. When climbing, you should pay attention to the correct posture of walking, with your head slightly lifted, your upper body forward, your shoulders relaxed, your back straight, your arms swaying naturally, and even breathing. If you encounter a section with steep slopes or steps, you must pay attention to your feet, so as to avoid unnecessary twisting.

Turning to the advantages of mountaineering, Yu Xiaoyan said, from a medical point of view, mountaineering has direct benefits for people's vision, heart and lung function, coordination ability of limbs, excess fat consumption and delaying aging of human body. When climbing, it can improve the strength of respiratory muscles, maintain the elasticity of lung tissue, improve the ventilation and ventilation function of the lung, increase the ability of oxygen absorption, and improve the metabolism level of all organs in the body. At the same time, the mountain air is fresh, rich in vegetation and contains more negative oxygen ions. Therefore, mountaineering can play a role in promoting nerve regulation, inspiring spirit, improving sleep and lowering blood pressure.

In addition, mountaineering has a positive effect on musculoskeletal. Regular participation in mountaineering can promote blood circulation, increase the amount of calcium and phosphorus in bone, increase the elasticity and toughness of bones, prevent osteoporosis, delay bone aging and improve the hematopoietic function of bone marrow. Moreover, mountaineering can consume a lot of calories, and it is an ideal way to lose weight. Therefore, a longer duration of mountaineering can play a certain weight loss effect.

However, Yu Xiaoyan also reminds us that during the epidemic period, we should not participate in mountaineering too frequently. At the same time, we should do a good job of protection and try to avoid the peak time of mountaineering to achieve the purpose of peak fitness. In addition, when climbing, we still need to enjoy the scenery and not exercise. And we must do what we can and do not blindly compete with others in sports time and amount of exercise.


When climbing, we must arrange the time reasonably. Before going uphill, we must familiarise ourselves with the trend of the mountain form and work out a strict route.

It is best to bring a pair of mountaineering staff, so that it can not only play a role in preventing skid when it rains, but also play an auxiliary role in mountain climbing. In addition, there are more snake insects in the mountains, and carrying mountaineering sticks can also play a certain protective effect.

Some necessary food and drugs should also be carried on mountaineering. For example, chocolate, energy sticks, energy glue, etc., in addition, drinking water also needs to take more to prevent excessive consumption of water in sports and can not be replenished. Besides, some first-aid medicines, such as band aids, should also be kept in regular packages.