Watch out for increased masks exercise.

A few days ago, in Wuchang, Wuhan, a more than 40 year old male runner ran down in the morning race and died after the 120 rescue. It is reported that the running night of the running friend had a drinking behavior before the morning running, and he wore a mask when he was running in the morning. Many people speculated that the sudden death of the runner was related to drinking and wearing masks. Shortly after the resumption of school, a number of student wearing masks ran sudden death in the country, and many provinces have cancelled the mid-term examination. Does wearing masks actually lead to sudden death? How do we avoid sports injuries when we are running during the epidemic?

Is it advisable to wear a mask for running?

Gao Xiaolin, a researcher at the Institute of sports rehabilitation and physical fitness training center of the Institute of sports science, State Sports General Administration, said that wearing masks may be a cause of sudden death among the runners. However, further research is needed to establish a direct link between wearing masks and running sudden death. "Wearing a respirator is equivalent to a restriction on free breathing, resulting in poor breathing. Especially during runtime, it is necessary to increase ventilation and breathe more oxygen, but the respirator is bound to this passage, and the feeling of poor breathing will be more obvious. If ordinary runners can't adapt, they may cause some cardiovascular problems. " "Rather than wearing masks to run better, it is better to strengthen the correct understanding of wearing masks running." Gao Xiaolin said, "in fact, wearing masks can be considered as a way to increase exercise load. You can't say whether increasing exercise load is good or bad, or whether you add reasonable or scientific. Some people in the world also wear masks as a means of professional training. They use special respirators to limit the volume of inhaled exhaled air, causing respiratory distress like hypoxia, and strengthening cardiopulmonary exercise. Gao Xiaolin stressed: "for ordinary people, you can not simply think that wearing a mask can go out as usual, because your body does not adapt to this load. Wearing a respirator is equivalent to adding a heavy exercise load. Accordingly, you should reduce the intensity of your exercise or adjust your exercise plan to achieve a balance. Otherwise, the mask is a new thorn in the body. It may cause some potential cardiovascular problems and increase the risk of cardiac arrhythmia or sudden death. It is obvious that the long-distance running of a running friend wearing a mask in Wuhan under the condition of drinking and high temperature is obviously out of line with the principles of scientific movement.

Sport is a double-edged sword.

For students with sudden death in running, Xu Jianfang, director of the Institute of physical fitness and health promotion, director of the Institute of sports and sports science, State Sports General Administration, said that due to lack of physical exercise or physical training for a long time, even if the sports homework was arranged, students would not be concerned whether the amount of exercise or intensity of exercise would be insufficient, and their home diet control would be more relaxed. There will be a certain decline in physical fitness and can not be carried out in a short time in order to meet the needs of examinations.
Sport is always a double-edged sword. Gao Xiaolin explained: "the advantage of exercise is that it can exercise. After gradual exercise and increasing exercise intensity, the body's resistance to cardiovascular disease and its ability to prevent it will be strengthened, and the risk of cardiovascular accidents will be reduced accordingly. However, the risk of exercise itself exists in sports, including alcohol consumption, poor sleep and heavy work pressure. In this state of fatigue, it will increase the chance of sports accidents. In addition, attention should also be paid to the external environment, such as intense heat or severe cold and sudden changes in temperature.

How to avoid sports injuries

How can we avoid the occurrence of sports injuries to the maximum extent during running? Gao Xiaolin recommends, "first adjust your state, do not exercise in excessive fatigue, instant after dinner, hunger, cold, fever and so on. Second, we should pay attention to weather changes, timely increase or decrease clothing. If the temperature is too high, don't wear too thick, which will affect the body's heat dissipation. In addition, regular medical examination is also essential. It is necessary to check regularly whether the body has potential cardiovascular diseases or other diseases that may need to restrict exercise. In addition, in sports, we must closely monitor their own movement, timely observation of heart rate changes, early adjustment. In terms of exercise intensity, we must step by step and formulate scientific and reasonable sports plans in a comprehensive way.
For students' safety in physical education, Xu Jianfang suggested that first of all, the recovery of children's physical condition should be restored to the original level or the level required by the training items, so that the physical education classes with certain intensity and amount of exercise can be carried out. At the same time, the establishment of the intensity and quantity of physical education must have a gradual adaptation process from low to medium to high. We must put the safety of physical education in the first place and then be scientific, rational and professional.