Exercise helps body recovery

Nowadays, the concept of "preventive treatment of diseases" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. More and more fitness people will seek professional fitness advice when they are in the gym, and many people with underlying diseases or diseases will also ask their doctors for professional advice on fitness. One of the major motivations for accepting sports. So how does exercise interfere with disease prevention and recovery?
Liang Chen, deputy director of the medical supervision center of the Sports Medical Research Institute of the State Sports General Administration, and Liang Chen, deputy director of the exercise prescription clinic, said that prevention and cure of the disease or physical recovery will not be a single effect of sports, but we should not ignore the role of sports. Taking cardiovascular disease as an example, according to the experimental study of cardiovascular exercise in patients with cardiovascular disease, exercise can improve the resting blood pressure of cardiovascular patients, and systolic blood pressure is improved significantly. Exercise can also improve the physical fitness of patients with cardiovascular disease, including improving grip strength, flexibility and fitness, and improving balance. Meanwhile, it can improve bone mineral density and cardiopulmonary exercise in patients with cardiovascular disease. Ability.
"The effect of exercise on disease risk factors is also obvious," he added. For example, for hypertension symptoms, aerobic exercise can effectively inhibit hypertension; for heart failure, exercise can improve cardiac systolic function and relieve symptoms of chronic heart failure; for type 2 diabetes, exercise can protect pancreatic beta cell function, reduce insulin resistance and oxidative stress, and reduce the risk factors of type 2 diabetes. It can accelerate the decomposition of adipose tissue, promote the utilization of free fatty acids and cholesterol, improve the secretion of hormone and promote the beneficial changes of lipid metabolism enzymes.
He said: "Although exercise can improve the disease, people in the community should be careful in their exercise and take responsibility for their bodies, such as having a comprehensive physical examination before exercise, and appropriately extending the time of warming up and recovery, giving the body more cushioning. When exercise endurance is improved, exercise intensity and exercise time can be gradually increased. At the same time, we should replenish electrolytes and liquids in time, take medicine according to the doctor's advice during the exercise, and accompany the family or others during the exercise. In addition, we must note that exercise should be persevere. If we stop exercising, the training effect will disappear in 2 weeks.
"We can recognize the improvement of sports to diseases, but we must understand that sports should be placed in the" big health "category of life management. We should not rely too much on the single role of sports. It includes self-management skills in daily life, knowledge of diseases and common drugs, understanding of the role of sports and appropriate exercise patterns, self mood and sleep management skills, understanding of the importance of nutrition, and the maintenance of good nutrition in the "five in one" self-control disease and rehabilitation in order to make exercise more stable and healthy for healthy life intervention.