Scientific fitness, safety and fitness

With the improvement of the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation, the boisterous fitness scene appeared again. Park, fitness path, downstairs, gymnasium everywhere see the figure of sports enthusiasts, facing the hot fitness scene, what should we pay attention to?
Feng Qiang, Assistant Research Fellow of the State Sports General Administration Research Institute, said that in the open and well ventilated area, it is recommended to take out the mask when exercising the safe distance. From the point of view of sports physiology, wearing respirators will lead to a decrease in ventilation volume, which is a potential safety hazard for the general sports enthusiasts. So when you are doing more intense exercises in the open air, you should always pay attention to your heart and lung condition and do well in heart rate monitoring.
Feng Qiang said: "because of the epidemic, many people exercise at home has decreased, and then start outdoor exercise, we must consciously prepare for the first thing. Although the weather is relatively hot, warming up is also an essential part of the body's nervous system and muscles into the state of motion, so do not neglect it. In addition, in sports and exercise intensity selection, we should step by step. According to the situation, we should adjust the amount of exercise and the time of exercise appropriately so as to avoid sports activities and avoid sports injuries. Especially for those who do not regularly participate in sports, their physical condition and body movement characteristics are not particularly familiar with, we should pay special attention to. Feng Qiang cautioned: "because the weather is relatively hot, we suggest that we should choose the right time for outdoor sports activities in the relatively cool weather. At the same time, attention should be paid to replenishing water in sports. For ordinary sports enthusiasts, ordinary mineral water or boiled water will be enough. If you feel that the amount of sweating is relatively large, you can add a little brine. There is no need to stress drinking some sports drinks. Now many sports drinks are sweet and sugar is high, which is not particularly good for the body. In addition, if there is heat stroke during exercise, if you feel uncomfortable, you should take a rest in time, exercise injury, and take timely measures. Now there are fitness equipment in the community and parks, which can choose a variety of sports. Feng Qiang also makes suggestions for the exercise methods of fitness facilities: "in situ use of these fitness equipment and facilities, in fact, can do a lot of exercise. The idea of using nearby facilities, whether at home or simply outdoors, can achieve good fitness effects. Adults are recommended to have moderate intensity exercises for more than 150 minutes a week, or 75 minutes or more. A variety of evidence has shown that if you can persist in reaching a certain intensity of exercise, you will have great help for long-term health. Children and adolescents should exercise 1 hours a day for medium intensity or above.
Feng Qiang said: "in sports, we should not choose to run or walk slowly. Instead, we should incorporate muscle strength exercises into the exercise session. Human muscles occupy a large proportion of the body. Muscle strength atrophy and decline are closely related to health. Like in the fitness path, you often see the shelves, horizontal bars, push ups and so on, which can be used to do strength training. As a matter of fact, we find that in practical use, there are fewer people in this kind of equipment, and we still prefer those less laborious ones, such as doing flexible exercises with balanced discs, and of course there are benefits. But if we want to better bring the benefits of fitness to health, we must integrate these two categories into the fitness program. In addition, we should also remind you that after the end of the exercise, there must be a relaxation process, 5-10 minutes of low intensity aerobic exercise to enhance the fitness effect.